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All of us have tried to keep our families and businesses safe by bringing them under the protection of video surveillance. While bullet cameras and dome security camera have been able to curb these problems in homes and offices, the general public still isn’t safe from a lot of threats which can be kept in check with said devices. After providing the cover of video surveillance to the people in the public areas, according to many, several crimes can be stopped from happening. Outdoor – Dome Cameras / Surveillance Cameras are a handy tool for keeping people safe if installed in libraries, stores, schools or other public areas.

There have several debates on this particular topic and while there have been good arguments raised from both side, I would like to talk about “How useful are CCTV cameras in public?”

Many have pointed out that there is a dire need for video surveillance in the world. Since almost back in the 1980s, CCTV cameras have been able to reduce crime effectively in whichever areas they are installed. A few of the reasons why this is so are given below. As talked about before, a CCTV camera can help by:

Improving public safety

Just as in our house we feel safe knowing we have video surveillance set up outside to warn us of any approaching threat, similarly public feels much safer, knowing that CCTV cameras help protect them. With authorities keeping eyes on people, they can find out if anyone needs help; this could be both involving criminal or non-criminal activity. Any accident or natural disaster can be known about quickly and required authorities can be dispatched instantly. Seeing the response rate of authorities decreasing constantly, people increasingly feel safer and trust in their government or the authority more; all at a cost of an outdoor camera.

Reducing Crime

Inexpensive CCTV cameras like the AHD Dome security camera and the AHD CCTV Bullet camera both have been employed in a large number of the cities across the world. The result was lower crime reports and increasingly dropping criminal activities. How did that happen? The simplest explanation for that would be that criminals try to strike at places where the least possible surveillance exists. No one likes to be caught and being caught while in the act is even worse for criminals; hence the overall crime rate of the location falls dramatically with the addition of cameras in the area.

Catching Criminals

Although the crime is reduced in a lot of cases, there would always be those incorrigible people who’ll never stop striking even with or without the cameras. These crimes are unavoidable as they happen instantaneously or after criminals have thought about the consequences and have planned everything through. Even though they can’t be stopped, they can be held responsible and thus be caught and made answerable for the crimes they have committed. The dome security camera and bullet security camera can effectively capture the responsible parties in the act and make it easier for the law to apprehend them.

Gathering probable evidence and clues

While a lot of times the criminals are caught in the act by the security surveillance cameras, a lot of times, they are not directly captured in the act. However, with these Outdoor – Dome Cameras / Surveillance Cameras a lot of times police do capture these criminals near the building of the place where the atrocity had occurred. This provides police an important clue as to know who it was that was found lurking in the area. This can lead to further questioning and thus provide more knowledge to the officials about the case. Every clue helps authorities to come one step closer to the probable solution of the case; thus, helps gather effective evidence and probable clues.

Providing convenience

Cameras in the public area are all that is required by the authorities to help provide better services thus providing convenience to the people. With video cameras monitoring the stop lights, the authorities can monitor and thus apprehend culprits who break traffic rules which can otherwise put live in dangers of several citizens.  It can also deter a lot of traffic offense. Authorities can also monitor people and see who requires a medical attention, in case they do and save a lot of lives. They can also look for natural calamities and other events which can affect the people and thus issue warning statements and roadblocks so that the affected area is isolated.

With that, we have the reasons why video surveillance cameras greatly impact the people in positively. It is important to note that in the 2013 Boston Bombings; the authorities were able to catch the suspects with a couple of blurry images of these bombers. With a better camera set up in the place the authorities would’ve identified and apprehended the culprits fairly early. With crime rising each day in the world, we need more and more protection from threats that can arise from anywhere by installing cameras that provide a better video quality to catch the suspects.

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