CCTV camera

A CCTV camera has been more than a piece of technology in today’s time. At a time when dangers of living without a CCTV camera are evident, people from around the have been making the right decisions of bringing their business and homes under the security of CCTV surveillance. This has opened the floodgates to a wide range of CCTV cameras companies which aim to provide their customers with some excellent quality products.

However, one question is usually asked majorly by customers from around the world that is: ‘Where to position CCTV cameras?’

This question generally demands answers and CCTV positioning tips which customers can know while installing CCTV cameras at home and offices. This includes knowing all about the CCTV camera pole height, CCTV camera placement guidelines, camera mounting height, and most importantly the best height to mount CCTV camera.

While few companies offer solutions by providing CCTV camera height calculator to its customers, a lot of them don’t have access to such technology. Thus, it poses a lot of problems when customers try to look for the optimum height of installing a CCTV camera. But what makes knowing this height so important? This is because of the following reasons:

  • A camera mounted extremely low will be a target to vandalism as it becomes an easy target for the anti-social elements around us.
  • Moreover, a camera not placed high enough will be unable to enjoy the wide view and a better viewing angle. It simply will be unable to effectively monitor its surroundings.
  • Every camera has a particular allowed IR illuminating distance. A camera mounted too high will be unable to properly illuminate its surroundings and thus will be inefficient in capturing images and videos at night or in the presence of low light.
  • CCTV Cameras are also only as good as the image they capture. A distance too great will affect the image quality severely and no matter how good the camera works, an image captured long distance will provide no respite while trying to zoom into it as the image will be pixelated.

So what would be appropriate camera mounting height?

Well honestly, it depends on what property you are installing it on and what area you need to monitor. The most accurate height for installing a camera when you’re in doubt is somewhere around 2.4m – 2.6m (8 feet).

Still the height of the CCTV camera depends a lot upon a lot of other things there are several advantages that come with installing cameras at 2.5m and 5m height.

  • At 2.5m: A camera installed at the height of 2.5m provides a long-range view of the area letting you see as far away as possible as it would be more closely pointed towards the horizon which will let it look at the wide angle view better. For this, you would need a camera with a lens that allows the image to be picked up better from long distances and a long focal length. Since it will be installed at 8 feet, the camera would be safe from the hands of miscreants and vandals.
  • At 5m: At a height of 5m, the camera gains the ability to capture more surroundings and with an angle pointed further away from the horizon, can capture the area around where its placed in a better way. This lets the camera to capture a wider view of the property it’s installed in. As the distance isn’t too much, most modern cameras will be able to work effectively here.

A few other suggestions:

Now that we have stated all the essential CCTV positioning tips, let’s talk about what to focus on while buying a CCTV camera. While picking up a CCTV camera, ensure that the camera not only has a long-range viewing ability but also a wider lens to capture a wider area around it. Add to it a couple of more features like night vision, zoom, enhance and an HD view and you’ll end up with the powerful product range of WicamFi surveillance products. This wide range contains a number of IP and AHD cameras in all builds and models. The PTZ camera makes itself sure to bring in a plethora of features to the table and to manage it all, WicamFi brings you their range of DVR and NVR devices which empowers the users to have a remote viewing, zoom and enhance capabilities along with a higher data compression rate and a secure encoding standard. You will never be wrong with the WicamFi range of CCTV cameras.

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