cube camera

How have we today come to the conclusion that Cube camera are great?

Surveillance cameras have always been a special tool to protect our homes and businesses. Today we have a wide variety of cameras available in the form of Dome, Bullet and PTZ style in both IP and AHD cameras. They effectively guard a major portion of your outdoors and act as deterrents. With these powerful cameras in the circulation today, we often forget about another great range of cameras with additional functionality and even better product quality which is a great investment as a surveillance camera to your list of devices surveying your property.

Cube camera from WicamFi and other brands have been specifically been successful in capturing the attention of people from around the world. Although they are known pretty well, people don’t quite often know the extent of what these small little devices can do at their peak performance. A single cube camera has the ability to keep the entire indoor property safe with a wide angle range, zoom, enhance and many other features powering this little soldier.

As a single device, this camera can simultaneously provide more than what an army of cameras can do. With the ability of communicating wirelessly, they effectively increase their range and negate the need of any network cable to be connected to the camera as an addition. A lot other features include:

  • Futuristic design and specs:
    A Cube camera is built to be included in the indoors of your house or property. Knowing this, the designers were thoughtful enough to give it a look that makes it look futuristic to say the least. It looks beautiful resting on the shelves of your house.
    The added specs do the rest and compliment the device in a more than efficient manner. These specs include 2MP camera, Dual stream video coding, a micro USB power port, light weight of only a hundred grams, IP-cut double filter and many more.
  • A powerful image capturing capability:
    The images captured by the Cube camera are beautiful. The device ensures that the images are captured in a max 1920×1080 pixel quality provided by the 1/1.25 fish eye lens. Add to it the night vision capability and you’ll realize the lengths at which the device’s usability can reach. The high quality night vision image is captured with a double filter IR-cut lens and is powerful enough to accurately illuminate and capture a perfectly dark room making it one of the best IP cameras in the market today.
  • Wide angle lens:
    The lens that this device is powered by allows a user to view the wide angle of 180°. This wide angle capturing capability can allow you to perfectly keep an eye out on the entire room with a single camera.
  • Two-way audio:
    Another great feature that the Cube camera offers its owners is the ability to talk across the video feed using the speaker on the camera. It also has a powerful directional microphone attached on the camera thus it will let you effectively hear what you say to the people currently in view of the camera. You can use this to deter any thief or burglar that has entered the vicinity of your place by telling him that you have called the police. A lot of thieves usually leave immediately after hearing this.
  • Easy-to-setup and provides great support:
    A Cube camera needs to be setup a single time thus simplifying the IP camera installation process. Once this initial installation is done you can have it installed anywhere with a power connection made to it. Since it is known to be one of the many powerful wireless IP cameras available in the market today, it doesn’t need a network cable to provide a video feed. Thus with these IP cameras online, you will never need any additional camera indoors. You can believe them to be a one-time investment.

With these powerful Cube cameras in the market you can rest from the burden of trying to find that perfect device to protect your indoors. WicamFi Cube camera has been deemed one of the best IP cameras in the market today. The features have all gathered together in a single device allowing the users to not only enjoy a powerful device, but rather one with a wide range of functionalities added to it. Find effective control and multiple features of the device offered by WicamFi.